Aditech this is your partner in modern animal nutrition.

Our product range is a good alternative to the existing market.
Our aim and desire is to meet the needs of the feed market and to find benefits for all.

About company

Aditech is a 100% Polish producer of additives, supplementary feed and premixes for feed production supplying markets in Poland and Europe. In our offer are products adapted to the needs of modern, effective and high-performance of animal production . We engage and invest in modern solutions on all levels in which we operate.


What makes us diffrent?

 attractive offer of additives and supplementary feed to meet the needs, requirements and expectations of customers
ensuring the quality and safety of the manufactured products through the implementation and certification of quality systems
innovation and technological development
timely deliveries and conscientiousness in the execution of orders
effective operation at every workplace
continuous employee training system that allows for the development and enhancement of awareness of the role they play in creating safety and impact on the quality of manufactured products.
hygiene and work safety and environmental awareness.


Aditech branded innovative feed additives and supplementary feed stand out in high quality, appreciated by Feed Mills , Distributors, Veterinarians and Farmers both in Poland and abroad. The products in our offer are developed on the basis of many years of experience, knowledge gained from cooperation with valued animal nutrition experts and the latest scientific research.


We are aware that Aditech's future depends on meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

For the sake of the customer's good, we have adopted the principles and procedures referred to as the Quality Policy. It guarantees the delivery of the highest quality products to the single market. The guiding principle of our Quality Policy is to always be guided by the good and the safety of the customer. Our primary aim is to create a dynamic system of maintaining the quality of our products and support customer service on a durable and partnership basis.


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